While most of our tours are tailor-made, we offer a selection of style and itineraries to help you design your perfect trip.

Some of our tours are designed all the must-sees and dos. An unbeatable mix of landmarks, uncommon experiences and cultural discoveries.

Local Living

If traveling means connecting with local and sharing their customs, we have a range of living and homestay experience taking you to the heart of Bhutan


If you enjoy traveling in style, Bhutan is the ultimate destination. Imagine visiting one of the last truly unspoiled destination combining authentic experiences, best service and world class boutique hotels.


The colorful religious festivals are one of the absolute Bhutan has to offer. Featuring dancers dress-up in ornate costumes, elaborated mask and a joyful crowd, its an experience of a lifetime.


You want to satisfy your family dreams of wanderlust and inspire your child imagination with new cultures. We crafted journeys for all generations, packed with safe and child-friendly sightseeing & activities.


If you have a taste for adventure, Bhutan is the perfect playground ! With multiple treks options, winding road and clear rivers, this amazing place will keep you moving.

Our difference

We believe the best holidays are the ones that have been design just for you. Take the time to let us know what you like and we'll do just that.