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Responsible travel

We believe that as a tour operator we have a responsibility to respect and conserve economic, environmental and social-cultural balances

At Bhutan Concierge, we trust that travel and tourism can contribute greatly to the development of the countries, by having a positive impact on the locals and the travelers. We strongly believe that given our central position between tourists and locals, it is our responsibility to ensure that we contribute to a responsible and sustainable tourism, avoiding the negative impacts of spoiling our nature and diluting our culture. We are aware that keeping Bhutan intact is essential to the survival of our long-term niche tourism industry.

Our vision is to be become the leading sustainable tourism company in Bhutan, by creating and implementing initiatives that will inspire our tourism stakeholders to follow our path.

Our initiatives

  • No Waste on tour.
  • Waste management is a recurring issue in Bhutan and we want to ensure that we don’t contribute to it by using only recycled and reusable items. As such, we are providing our guest with reusable bag and bottles.
  • Internal  waste management: We are managing our office taking into account sustainability principles in the management of human resources, office supplies and production of printed materials. We source local product when available .
  • Create tour that minimise environmental, economic and social impact .
  • Educate our customers : providing tips for responsible travel and encourage our customers to respect the local way of life. We place a huge emphasis on environmental protection and cultural exchange. Travel in Bhutan is full of opportunities to learn about local cultures and ancient traditions. it is important to keep an open mind to respect local customs, practices and beliefs to ensure an enriching travel experience.
  • We integrate sustainability principles into the while selecting our suppliers, we banned tourism businesses who knowledgeably  disrespect our culture and resources
  • Treading lightly, when conducting our tours we aim to tread as lightly as possible by turning off all idling engines and selecting eco-friendly modes of transport whenever possible. On adventure trips through remote areas we encourage the use of biodegradable cleaning products, we dispose of waste and ensure that no litter is left behind.
  • Support Bhutan tourism stakeholder to address sustainability issues.
  • Ensure that the incredible places we share with our guests remain as preserve as we found them.
  • Contribute to the conservation of our nature and culture through our plant a tree program and no waist on tour initiatives.
  • Empower communities by visiting and using locally-owned businesses.
  • Our plant a tree program. Each guest travelling with us is planting a tree, leaving a positive footstep behind.

Our tips for a responsible journey

Respect the cultural differences:

Before leaving home, learn as much as possible about Bhutan, its religion, cultures and local values, Learn what is the appropriate behavior. The more important principle to remember during your travel is respect. Respect the places you are visiting and the people you are encountering.

Think before you take pictures:

Bhutan is a photographer’s paradise with its incredible landscape and preserved lifestyle, do keep in mind that Bhutanese you encounter are real people carrying on with their everyday life, not just photo opportunities. Take the time to introduce yourself and ask for the permission, it may give you a chance to chat with the locals. In remote areas, if people refuse, do respect their wishes as some Bhutanese believe that part of their soul is being taken away.

Temple visit and contact with monks:

When you visit Buddhist monuments, remember to do your visit in a clockwise direction, and if you wish to enter the temple, take your shoes off.  A donation to the temple or monastery you are visiting is most welcome. Donations support the daily expenses. Show respect to monks and nuns : keep reasonable distance while talking to them and avoid stepping on their shadow.

Ancient sites:

Many cultural sites you visit, even those in ruins are sacred. Remember to dress and behave appropriately as it may be offensive to the locals.Don’t climb on ruins and avoid touching objects.

Shop wisely:

Buy locally made products, rather than those that have been imported. Items that are flown or shipped in have a much larger carbon footprint. Seek out indigenous artisans. When you buy directly from an artist, you’re not only helping them feed their family, but in many cases you’re helping to preserve their culture. Don’t buy anything made from endangered plants/animals, unsustainable hardwoods, or ancient artifacts.

Respect the environment:

Maintain the landscape; leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs, kill nothing but time. Take all rubbish home with you and make sure to follow the countryside code advised by your guide.

Respect any animals and wildlife:

never feed wild animals, feeding animals makes them habituated to and reliant on humans. Keep a respectful distance from wildlife, don’t get close enough to attract their attention.

Be efficient:

Turning off and turning down.Think about your energy and water use. If you don’t need it turn it off, if the flow is too high turn it down. Resources are scarce in every destination and everyone thinking a little more responsibly can ultimately keep holiday costs down and ensure there is plenty to go around for everyone.

Minimise waste:

use recycled, reusable to help reducing landfill.

Give back to the community:

Traveling gives you a unique experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. In return, consider giving something back, such as bringing school supplies on tours. Be wary of giving gifts or money to beggars, children, and people you have just met. Supporting the community through a local school, clinic, or development project may be more constructive.

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