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Why travel with us?

Picking the right tour operator can make the difference between a nice and an unforgettable holiday

This is what set us apart from the rest :

Inspirational Experience

A travel to a foreign country should be amazing, exciting, memorable and when it comes to Bhutan enlightening. We want to share our passion of Bhutan through unique and memorable experiences that only truly passionate individuals can create.

Responsible and sustainable tourism

Because we love Bhutan, we want to protect it. We are committed to responsible, sustainable and ethical tourism. Despite the “high value low impact” tourism policy of Bhutan supported by the minimum daily tariff, tourism has the potential the threaten the nature and culture of our Kingdom. It is our mission to allow travelers to discover Bhutan while minimizing their impact. The tourism industry is a main contributor the Bhutan’s economy, we want to ensure our business enable a sustainable and responsible development for the country. We have and continue to develop innovative initiatives to reduce tourism impact. More info here


Our team, a mix of locals and internationals, has worked for the travel industry before and they all share the same passion for travel, all together we have explored over 50 countries. While traveling, we have try and seen cool things that we know would fit just right here with a little Bhutanese twist.
Our previous jobs such as guide, sales consultant, hospitality manager gives us a strong service culture and all the skills to develop the best tours, providing an exclusive level of service at each and every stage of your travel to ensure your travel is planned perfectly to the last details.

Insiders Access

Our team of locals is based in Bhutan, they have been living and touring the country so they are the best to provide you with exclusive insider access to experience. Their knowledge of the ground and desire to satisfy guest makes them the best to cater your travel inspirations : whether you want to spend a night in a remote monastery, renew your marriage vows in a temple or enjoy a hot stone bath with a view, they know how to make it happen.

Personal service

Because we know each traveler is different, we are committed to listen to your aspirations and designed a tailor-made itinerary that suits you. Our local travel concierges are trained to understand your interests, needs and passions to create the perfect itinerary for you and your family.

Tailor made holidays

We will build an entire tailor made itinerary designed around your requirements. This allows you to explore your own interests, select your own style of accommodation and travel at your own pace. You are not beholden to a group itinerary or schedule. All local travel arrangements are made using private guide, drivers and vehicle.

Our team

Bhutan Concierge is made up of talented and passionate team members. Our travel concierge are specialized in our signature and custom tours while our operations are handled by a highly professional and knowledgeable manager on the ground.

Sangay Tenzin,
Managing partner

Sangay has long-time passion for travel and hospitability service. He has 12 years of working experience at AMAN in Bhutan – one of the most luxuries Resort in the Kingdom. During his time at AMAN as Front Office to Assistant Reservations Manager, he has created many guests experiences in a way that most never will.

After a remarkable 11 years of service in AMAN, Sangay eventually decided to go out on his own to broaden the horizon to share that passion for adventure and immeasurable experiences. Sangay was in Beijing for a year to study elementary Chinese language and literature. Combining founder’s goodwill, experiences, longstanding relationships, passion for tourism and his profession in customizing journeys, Sangay has decided to join Bhutan Concierge a travel company that focuses exclusively to create lifetime experience in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Sangay is career oriented and he pursue his career with high enthusiasm regardless of reward and recognition. He believes that lifetime experience is within the personal touch. Thus, focusing on interacting with guests, understanding their needs, and offering guests an experience that will meet and possibly exceed their expectations is what he loves the most.

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