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Bhutan’s mountainous terrain offers a fascinating adventure for cycling enthusiasts. The roads wind up and down mountains with exhilarating drops of thousands of metres, and of course the challenge of surmounting equally high passes of over 3000 metres. The route is accompanied by mixed forests, pasturelands, rich meadows and valleys dotted with medieval villages and towns rich in culture. This tour allows time for visiting the highlights of Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Trongsa and Bumthang. You can choose from easy to adventurous trails, and will be backed up by professional support staff at all times. Bhutan Concierge will co-ordinate your entire trip including arranging quality mountain bicycles for your riding pleasure unless you choose to bring your own bike.

Bhutan provides a stunning array of photographic opportunities- mountainous landscapes, ancient temples and monasteries, lively, colourful festivals, a timeless Buddhist culture and fascinating people. The Bhutan Ultimate Photography Tour is a suggested itinerary designed to make the most of these incredible features. Taking place in early October, it coincides with the Autumn festival season providing a chance to capture images of the grandest of Bhutan’s festivals, the spectacular Thimphu Tsechu and the more intimate Tangbi Mani Festival in a rural setting near Bhutan’s spiritual heartland, Bumthang. This tour also visits remote villages, ancient palaces and fortresses, farm houses, temples and sacred sites throughout Bhutan’s western and central valleys.
Featuring a fascinating display of dances, rituals, colourful costumes, and locals gathered in celebration, Bhutan festivals provide an excellent subject for photography. Festivals occur throughout the year, and can easily be incorporated into an itinerary.

Our tours offer life-changing spiritual journeys to one of the most exotic, mystical and transformative places. We create these trips just for you, to nourish your soul and introduce you to new lands and cultures. The main idea of the spiritual tours is to give you time to unwind the complexities of the world through meditation, to cultivate peace and calm of mind whilst enjoying the serene environment and poignant calm of the century old monasteries and temples in Bhutan. Spiritual travels are always more than ordinary trips. You shall be fascinated by the ways in which travel and spirituality intersect. Certain places have an almost magnetic pull on our souls, whether they're to a holy site in a distant land or to a place of private meaning for a single person.

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