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Gomphu Kora Festival

A festival like none other in Bhutan, Gomphu Kora Festival is of prime importance to the locals of Trashigang

To understand the significance of the festival, we need to understand the legend behind the festival. The tale of the Ghompha goes back to 8th century when Guru Padmasambhava meditated in the cave for three days to vanquish the evil that was hiding in the cave. The word Ghompha means meditation cave and Kora means circumambulation. The name refers to the cave formed of a rock-face, which is next to a temple built as a tribute. During the festival, the devotees take a trip around the cave and the festival marks the victory of good over evil.


The trip around the cave is the major attraction on the festival. During the festival, the entire area gets lively and people flock to the site in the traditional finery to offer prayers to Guru Padmasambhava and seek his blessings.Traditionally the festival is also the occasion to find a soul-mate leading to marriage

Dates: March 14-16, 2019
Location: Trashigang

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