Haa Summer Festival

Haa Summer Festival

Set in a stunning location in the wilderness with views of the Himalayan landscape

The Haa Summer Festival gives visitors an in-depth picture of the lives and culture of the nomadic herders living in Haa Valley..

Locals and tourists come together to celebrate the culture, heritage, religion and sports of Bhutan. The festival is mainly dedicated to the nomads of Haa Valley. Some of the most consequential moments and cultures of these nomads are showcased during this festival in the form of vibrant pictures and lively paintings. The best part is that even tourists can participate in some of the fun activities like yak riding, folk dance, and food tasting.

A Local Experience

With the picture-perfect Haa’ scenic landscape in the background, the festival is the ideal chance to capture the true essence of Bhutan and its scenic beauty. A treat for photographers, there is also a photography contest at the festival.

Duration: 2-3 days

When: This Bhutan festival is usually celebrated in July, every year, since 2012.

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