Gangtey Lodge, Outdoor Terrace

Gangtey Lodge

Designed in harmony with the local village and its 17th century monastery, the Gangtey Lodge looks like a traditional farmhouse (albeit rather grand), showcasing ornate woodwork, Bhutanese-style pitched roofs and arched window frames. The experience provided here is unique: you enjoy the warm welcome of a private home, immerse yourself in everyday Bhutanese rural life, while indulging in the comfort and luxury of an high standard hotel.

Gangtey Lodge at a glance


Modeled after a traditional farmhouse, the 12-room luxury lodge blends in amongst the more modest homes dotting Gangtey Valley. Swiss fireplaces add an alpine element to the chalet-like lodge, decorated with Bhutanese motifs and valley portraits painted by local artists.Floors are lined with heated slate stone, and a wood-burning fireplace in the sitting area warms rooms in the evenings (heating pads are also placed under the sheets at turndown). Freestanding tubs sit under expansive windows showing off valley views, and the entry opens to a walk-in shower and vanity with wadrobe.

Relaxation and Fitness

A simple building of timber and stone, the bath house could be mistaken for a small farmer’s hut were it not for the large plate-glass windows set into the side, affording bathers a view that only increases the bath’s peace-bringing powers. Built in the traditional Bhutanese style, the wooden tub (which fits two) is filled with mineral-rich water and heated with stones drawn from the roaring fire outside. Drawing on Ayurvedic traditions and ancient Tibetan medicine, this bathing ritual puts you in contact with the oldest of Bhutanese culture, dating back as far the 7th century. A variety of massages and other treatments are also available at the hut or in the the comfort of your own suite.


Sharing the same impressive room as the lounge, the restaurant has a hand-cut flagstone floor; a pitched ceiling crisscrossed with beams; and elegant furniture fashioned from dark wood, supple leather and locally-made fabrics. It’s the valley spanning view that steals the show however, on show in grand proportions thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows running the entire length of the room. Two stone fireplaces keep the place toasty on cold nights, generating enough heat that even the terrace feels the warmth. There are two menus, one a set Bhutanese menu showcasing various national dishes, and another with more modern fusion cuisine.

Activities & Excursions

Just 5 minutes from the hotel is the Gangteng Monastery, dating from the early 17th century, this is an important outpost for Nyingma Buddhism, the oldest of all the Tibetan schools. It is well worth heading there first thing to hear the monks – up to 200 at times – chanting the morning prayers. Aside from its monastery, Gangtey is also famous for an esteemed winter resident: the black-necked crane, an endangered species whose arrival is celebrated with a festival, held at the monastery on 11 November each year. And with mountainous terrain on all sides, we can also arrange nature walks, hikes and mountain biking for all abilities.

Gangtey Lodge in Picture

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