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Either you enjoy getting hand-on and make your own yak butter, or prefer being out in the nature to discover the wildlife, there is always something to please the youngters and olders members of the family in Bhutan. This destination is absorbing and unexpected, full of sights and experiences that none of you ever had before. Best of all, our local guides and support team make your travel utterly effortless. Bhutan is a family vacation none of you will ever forget. For children under 12, the Government of Bhutan charges 50 % only of the sustainable development Fee; and for children 5 and younger are fully exempt so when traveling with a family, the overall charges are much lower.
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Bhutan Family Discovery

Designed to give you a glimpse into the richness of Bhutan lifestyle and traditions, this tour combine cultural and hand-on experience to widen yours and your child horizons.

6 Nights

Starting from US$ 943 per adult
on double occupancy base

Bhutan Family adventure feature

Bhutan Family Adventure

Fun and adventurous, this tour has been crafted for families wanting to explore Bhutan most scenic destinations. From hiking up to the iconic Tiger Nest, to trekking your way up to a farm-house where you’ll spend a night, this journey will create memories none of you will ever forget.

8 Nights

Starting from US$ 1,243 per adults
on double occupancy basis

Bhutan Family Exploration

On this magical journey, we’ll take your family from the tiny capital city, Thimphu, to the unspoiled countryside where you will partake in a range of activities and visits. This slow-pace tour truly gives you the opportunity to connect with people and places, providing great inside into the deeply-rooted traditions and culture.

12 Nights

Starting from US$ 1,843 per adult
on double occupancy basis

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